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Control Room Management

RGB Spectrum offers several control room management solutions that enhance collaboration and simplify multi-user control of complex control room display systems in command and control rooms, operations centers, and other mission-critical applications: 

• MultiPointTM Enterprise is a multi-user control room management system that works with RGB Spectrum's video walls, multiviewers and matrix switchers to enable the integration, display and control of disparate systems under a single unified interface 
• MultiPoint Express is a compact version of MultiPoint Enterprise designed exclusively for the MediaWall V video wall processor 
• SinglePointTM KvM (SpKvM) is a small-scale control room management system that works with our multiviewers and most video wall processors to allow a single operator to control multiple source computers with a single mouse and keyboard 

• MultiPoint Enterprise 
o System integration without custom software 
o Secure multi-user KVM control 
• MultiPoint Express 
o Designed exclusively for MediaWall V display processors 
o Integrated control station and server 
• SinglePoint KvM 
o KVM control for single-user environments 
o Compatible with RGB Spectrum's multiviewers and video wall processors 

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Our trained sales staff is well-versed in the latest technology advances and can provide compliant product alternatives as well as assess your current infrastructure to ensure optimal success. 

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