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Thinking Beyond Containers 

Containerized data centers are prefabricated, but not all prefabricated data centers are containerized. 

Containerized systems package infrastructure and IT systems in standard form factor containers for deployment inside a large data center, or as a freestanding, all-in-one data center container that can be quickly deployed or relocated. 

Containerized data centers can be a good solution for modular expansion in large facilities and for freestanding data centers in remote locations. 

Prefabricated data centers take a fresh approach to traditional data center construction practices in which an entire facility is prefabricated offsite, shipped in modules and assembled onsite. A prefabricated data center is custom designed to match the geography, climate, technology profile, IT 
applications, and business objectives of a particular project while taking advantage of the speed and economy of modular design and pre-fabrication. 

The result is a state-of-the-art, tightly integrated facility that can be deployed faster and at lower cost than a similar facility using traditional construction practices. 

Key Considerations for Prefabricated Data Centers: 

Speed of Deployment 
The biggest driver of the move to prefabricated data centers is speed of deployment. Prefabricated data centers cut months off the time-to-deploy and should be strongly considered by any organization seeking to accelerate data center deployment. 

Because prefabricated data centers take a modular approach to design and fabrication, they are inherently scalable and may create opportunities to delay some portion of the capital investment required for a new data center until additional capacity is required. 

Design Flexibility 
Prefabricated data centers are custom designed to a site and have no inherent limitations in terms of functionality or aesthetics. 

In a prefabricated data center, all systems are designed and configured in concert, resulting in a tightly integrated facility that can meet the highest standards of availability and efficiency. Assembly in a factory-controlled environment enables more control over the fit, finish and quality of workmanship and supports more thorough pre-testing and optimization prior to delivery. 

One of the most powerful benefits of a prefabricated data center is that it does not require the value of faster deployment to be weighed against the additional costs commonly associated with faster delivery. Prefabricated data centers leverage economies of scale and streamlined processes made possible by offsite assembly to enable faster deployment at a lower cost. 

The economics of a prefabricated data center are so attractive that they can change the cost-benefit analysis regarding expanding an existing facility versus a new build. A prefabricated data center may enable an organization to move a data center to a more desirable location at about the same cost as expanding and updating an existing facility. 

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