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Leak Detection Cables

Liebert leak detection cables are designed for use with Liebert Liqui-tect two channel leak detection and reporting system, and Liebert LT460 zone leak detection sensors. The memory-resistant flexible cable is easy to install, and it includes mating connectors for quick extension or connection to the reading unit. Multi-wire design provides precise signaling. 

Liebert leak detection cables are thermally bonded cable rated at 176F (80C) and is plenum-rated. It is available in 15, 35 and 50 feet lengths. Mating connectors at each end simplify installation. 50/60 Hz. 

The system may be used to detect leaks from: 
• Glycol, condenser water, and chilled water cooling piping 
• Humidification feed water piping 
• Condensate pumps and drains 
• Unit auxilliary drip pan 

•Flexible leak detection cable 
•Installs easily due to non-kink cable that does not exhibit memory 
•Allows easy extension with provided connectors 
•Communicates with Liebert Liqui-tect monitor and Liebert LT460 zone sensor 

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