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Smart Bunker™ FX

Smart Bunker is a modular safe for servers and standard IT equipment which provides the same level of functionality and security as a data center in a either 23U or 46U industry standard rack configuration. It keeps critical data in a secure environment, increases data and hardware protection and guarantees 24/7 availability. Totally insulated and thermally efficient, Smart Bunker ensures protection against fire, flood, humidity, vandalism and EMF effects. 


• Modularity and portability. Additional Smart bunkers can be added according to the growth of your IT requirements. Smart Bunker can be installed on wheels making it easy for it to be moved to different locations. 
• Security. Smart Bunker keeps critical data in a secure environment, increases data and hardware protection and guarantees 24/7 business continuity. Totally insulated and thermally efficient, Smart Bunker ensures protection against fire, flood, humidity, vandalism and EMF effects. Its full insulation guarantees better performance, energy efficiency and noise reduction than any other system in the market. 
• Size matters. The Smart Bunker is available in 23U, 37U and 46U industry standard 19” rack configuration. It is a compact IT single rack capacity solution specially designed to be fitted indoors or in office environments Additional features such as cooling redundancy, alarm and temperature reactive front door backlight, biometric access can be added to customize Smart Bunker to any requirements. 
• Energy Savings. Perfectly insulated, the power required to cool down the internal IT equipment is used much more efficiently, reducing the energy loss through the walls or cable glands to a minimum. This means lower operational costs to run the Smart Bunker, as the cooling is 100% used on the IT equipment and servers 
• Easy deployment and installation. It is delivered already fully assembled, thus reducing star up time. It can be assembled on wheels for easy transportation or for future relocation. 

• Box-in-a-box design with minimal thermal bridges. 
• High resistance doors 
• Cooling via direct expansion with condenser and evaporator integrated within the air conditioning unit 
• Internal fire extinguishing system 
• Remote monitoring system included 
• UPS unit. Single-phase, 3-line UPS, rackable 

Technical Specifications: 
• Rack from KNÜRR, 23U or 46U. ( Optional Dimension Upon Request) 
• Insulating Panels Fire Rated RF120 Minutes 
• Electro-magnetic protection: EMI / RCI 22dB 
• Standard Input Voltage: 380/400 V / 3 A / 50/60 Hz. 
• Security Doors, Front and Rack 
• Heavy Duty Hinges - Left Side 
• 3 Security Locking Pins on the Left Side Door 
• Mechanical Lock with 4 Locking Points and Key Lock 
• 4 Leveling/Supporting Feet 
• Eyebolts for Secure Lifting 
• Rear Mounted 3U Distribution Box 
• Top Entry Cable Glands for Data and Power 
• Bottom Cable Gland for Air Conditioning System Drain Line 
• Colors Available: RAL 9004 Signal Black, Inside RAL 9006 White Aluminum 



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