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Smart Cabinet™

The SmartCabinet™ for branches from Emerson is a turn-key solution that contains all supporting infrastructure needed to properly deploy IT at the branch. The Uninterruptable Power Distribution System in the lockable cabinet provides between 5-20 minutes of back-up power and allows remote power control and toggling of the IT load. 

The serial console or KVM utilizing Avocent® market-leading, remote access technology allows remote configuration and administration of the IT load via LAN and optional 4G LTE modem providing network health independent serial access for deployed remote office branch office (ROBO) infrastructure. 

Standard Branch IT Configurations 

• Tailored to the application 
• Factory integrated, validated, and tested 

High Availability 
• Most extensive emergency service coverage in North America 
• Network independent remote management 

Secure Physical and Remote Access 
• Prevent on-site intrusions 
• User rights-driven remote access 

Real-Time Management of Branch Equipment 
• IT access and control 
• Remote Monitoring 

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