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Liebert® MCR


The Liebert Foundation MCR (Mini Computer Room) is an air conditioned cabinet with integrated UPS protection and cooling, designed to prevent thermal shutdown and degradation of IT equipment. The Liebert Foundation MCR can cool loads up to 4kW. A backup cooling system ensures cooling security, and the system can be ordered with a Liebert rack-mount UPS, PDUs and other accessories. When ordered with a UPS, total available space is 32U.

•Sealed, NEMA Type 12 enclosure
•Provides integrated cooling
•Protects rack equipment with Liebert UPS and power protection equipment

• Designed as a plug-and-play system ready to install.
• Wheel-mounted cabinet for easy relocation.
• Adjustable racks and rack rails support a wide variety of equipment.
• Optional top mounted air conditioning allows maximum use of internal rack space or can be used to double cooling capacity with the internal air conditioning unit.

Higher Availability:
• Cools IT equipment to eliminate downtime from overheating.
• Lockable door protects against unauthorized access.
• Specially designed door gasket and sealed cable entrance ensure stable cooling environment.
• Improved cable access and management improves airflow to reduce overheating of protected IT equipment.
• Optional backup cooling assures continued cooling in the event of a power loss.

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership:
• Competitively priced as an integrated system, compared to purchasing separate components.
• Simplified plug-and-play installation reduces overall implementation time, reducing costs.
• Optional energy saver control saves money by allowing back-up cooling to operate as primary enclosure cooler.
• Integrated air conditioning reduces potential downtime costs by assuring proper system operation.

Ideally Suited For:
• Network closets
• Server closets or small rooms

Note: UPS System is ordered separately.

Usable Space:
With no UPS = 35U
With GXT3U = 32U
With PS700RM-1400RM = 32U
With GXTRT or PS2200RM = 31U

Note: The Liebert MCR is configured with 2 power cords. The air conditioner utilizes a NEMA 5-15 plug (15 amp circuit) and the GXT3 2.0 kVA UPS utilizes a NEMA 5-20 plug (20 amp circuit). Each is to run on dedicated circuits.

For more information call (800)-686-5312 or email: [email protected]

Note: All Air-Conditioned Racks are Special Order & Non-Returnable" Mainline Computer Products will assist you in determining requirements. Pricing does not include shipping charges, please contact [email protected] or call (800) 686-5312 for a freight quote.