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Industrial Consoles

Industrial Process Control Rooms includes manufacturing, mines, chemical plants, power plants, water treatment plants, distributed control system (DCS) consoles, and more. 

These industries, which typically require full height adjustability with multiple monitors, and CPU storage under the console should consider our Custom Console offerings. 

Mainline Computer Products team of highly qualified engineers and inside sales professionals provides outstanding pre-sales technical support in the areas of product configuration, specification and pricing. 

We work with you to understand your current challenges and future goals, then design custom solutions to help you meet your mission-critical goals. Our vendor-neutral approach gives you the flexibility to select the best IT Product or networking, data center, and communication solutions from a variety of vendors. 

Our trained sales staff is well-versed in the latest technology advances and can provide compliant product alternatives as well as assess your current infrastructure to ensure optimal success. 

For assistance on your project call Mainline Computer Products toll free at: 
(800)-686-5312 or E-mail: 

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