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PlenaFill® Blanking Panel


IT Best Practices in the Data Center requires that unused U space is sealed with blanking panels to prevent hot exhaust air from finding its way to the air intake area at the front of the cabinet. PlenaFill blanking panels are supplied in 27U sheets and can be cut to any required size, avoiding the need to store several sizes of traditional blanking panel. PlenaFill blanking panels are a proven solution to eliminate hot spots and reduce overal cabinet temperatures.

Features of PlenaFill Blanking Panels:

- Pack of 10 PlenaFill blanking panels equals 270 1.75" (44mm) rack mount "U's"
- Fits all 19" EIA server racks
- Sheets can be cut to fit any unused space, including less than 1U
- Fire rated material: ULVO class 94
- Quickly and easily fill large sections of un-occupied rack space, stopping bypass airflow
- No more guessing at how many blanking panels are needed
- Scalable, less storage space and less freight cost
- Installs in seconds - no tools required
- Fixings available for square hole, round hole and for 10/32 thread rails

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