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Liebert® Liqui-Tect™


The Liebert® Liqui-tect® solution is the one source that can help you avoid water damage with a complete solution that includes the monitoring system, sensors, cables, and software.

Liebert brings you the ultimate in leak detection and reporting capabilities. The Liebert Liqui-tect Monitoring System provides monitoring diff erent areas with direct-read at the control unit location, as well as the ability to communicate with Liebert's SiteScan® Web, Nform™, and Trellis™ Site Manager monitoring system or a building management system.

The system determines the location of water on the detection cable and reports the distance from the Liqui-tect Monitoring System, in feet or meters. Within seconds of detection, the measurement is flashed on the display panel, allowing you to take prompt action to correct the leak and prevent damage. To ensure proper protection, the system continuously monitors operation, signaling system normal, leak detected and cable fault.

• Leak Detection and Reporting
• Comprehensive Detection of Water
• Based Leaks in Critical Spaces

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