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Cleanroom Computer Cart


Cleanroom mobile rolling cart workstations. Designed for use within the cleanroom, sterile environment. Fabricated using high-quality steel and/or aluminum fabrication. Easy-wipe surfaces for maximum hygiene and sterilization.

Designed with a large work surface area, and height-adjustable controls, this mobile desk can be easily maneuvered throughout the cleanroom. With available multi-monitor mounts, this is the complete workstation. Carts are clean, ergonomic, and mobile workstations. These stainless steel carts are easy to clean and disinfect and are designed to resist collecting dust and other contaminants.

Height adjustable to suit the user’s needs and supports multi-monitors. Highly durable, corrosion-resistant locking casters allow for easy maneuvering inside the lab. The unit is compact to allow for proximal access during work and easy storage when not in use.

Available in single, dual monitor, and triple monitor configurations. This rolling cart workstation is compatible with any cleanroom working environment. The specially made anti-static casters can be locked in place for stability or easily released to smoothly roll from one area to the next.

- Clean Room Mobile Workstation with double monitor mounts
- Height-Adjustable electronic control switch, up/down
- Clean Room ready work surface: 27" wide X 24.5" deep
- Dual monitor mounts on a single pole
- Scanner holder attached to monitor arm
- Built-in CPU ventilated metal holder
- Discrete cable management portals to hide all unsightly wires
- Four, 4-inch casters (front set is lockable), anti-static