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Scanner Charging Cabinet


Barcode and RFID Scanner Charging Cabinet

Make sure your hand held scanners, readers and radios come home after every shift.

With the increased use of portable handheld devices within various business, healthcare and law enforcement sectors, finding a means to charge these devices in a controlled manner is vital. Current methods are not effective because:

Security – Approved user access to assets, secure devices when not in use

Space optimization – Reduce real estate required for charging scanners and radios

Savings – Reduce loss, diminishment & damage through proper asset management of devices

Productivity – Drive efficiency savings with one device location, check in/out, quicker access, charged and ready to use

Safety – Sanitizing protocols can be implemented at the station so all devices are properly cleaned before putting them in the HIVE™.

HIVE™ is being used in the distribution, warehousing, technology, education, and military sectors, but can be adapted to a wide range of work environments. The locking charging cabinet, security features, and charging capabilities are fully adaptable to meet the specific needs of users and administrators.

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