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PolarPlex™ Containment

PolarPlex™ Containment Systems are the most effective airflow management tools for implementing containment strategies in the data center. They prevent the mixing of warm return air with cold supply air, vastly improving cooling efficiency. PolarPlex™ systems are easy to retrofit, reliable, and scalable. 

PolarPlex™ Containment Systems 

Polargy offers PolarPlex™ Containment Systems as the most effective airflow management tool for implementing containment strategies in the data center. The PolarPlex™ Containment family includes: 

•Drop-Away Panels for horizontal use below sprinkler heads 
•Standard Panels for vertical use 
•Sliding Aisle End Doors 
•Swing Doors 
•Rigid Ceiling Suspended Panels 
•Soft-wall Curtains 

PolarPlex™ Drop-Away Panels 

UL-listed for use below sprinkler heads, the PolarPlex™ Drop-Away Panels solve the “sprinkler head obstruction” problem associated with deploying containment. This unique hot and cold Aisle Containment Solution is deployed horizontally across the aisles to create a tight containment barrier. The panels are made of an aluminum frame with a special translucent insert. Panel inserts are heat sensitive and promptly move out of their setting in high heat. They are designed for use underneath lighting and fire suppression systems and are engineered to drop out of a panel frame in the event of a fire. 

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