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The Vertiv SmartCabinet ID is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the demands of edge computing environments. It integrates power, thermal management, monitoring, and security in a compact, self-contained enclosure. The SmartCabinet ID is equipped with intelligent features such as real-time monitoring, predictive analytics, and remote management capabilities, allowing users to optimize performance, reduce downtime, and ensure the reliability of critical IT infrastructure deployed at the edge.

Self-contained, pre-configured, pre-engineered and factory tested infrastructure solutions for data centers and telecom networks.​


Fully integrated - Factory assembled and tested for power, thermal management, rack enclosure, power distribution, built-in monitoring system, and security for IT applications.
Dust protection and noise insulation - Fully enclosed operation, with cold air & hot air separation for better environmental control, keep IT equipment under desired condition with low noise operation.
Highly Efficient - Built-in high efficiency UPS and variable speed cooling system promotes better energy savings.
User Friendly interface - Large 9-inch LCD touch panel allows easy access to system health status.
Fast deployment – All-in-one enclosure approach with pre-installed & pre-integrated component out from the box, greatly reduces the deployment time as compared to traditional IT facility build.
Multiple Site Deployment – Ready to integrate with Vertiv centralized platform, monitor multiple sites under single platform. Promotes ease of management