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PolarFlex 42U Blanking Panels


PolarFlexTM 42U Blanking Panels

The PolarFlexTM 42U Blanking Panels are full length blanking panels for sealing empty racks and large un-occupied spaces in racks. With cabinet supported aisle containment in new builds, operators are often installing full rows of racks even though many of those racks will be initially unpopulated. Plus, with higher density equipment many racks are only partially filled today. The PolarFlexTM 42U Blanking Panels are a convenient and cost effective alternative to installing individual blanking panels for those empty racks.


Product Details

The 42U blanking panels are printed with server images to give the appearance of a fully populated rack. The panel material is easily cut with scissors so when the racks are eventually populated sections of the panels can be quickly removed to accommodate the new gear. Packaged in boxes of 10. Material is a Lexan film with a fire rating of UL-94-VO. Part#s PDBP10S42U 42U Blanking Panels (box of 10 panels) ! ! PDBPRIVT50 Push Rivets, Square Hole (bag of 50) ! ! PDBPTS103250 Thumb Screws, 10/32 Threaded (bag of 50)