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Data Center Curtains

AirBlock™ Curtains are suitable for all classes of cleanrooms and for all levels of process isolation

AirBlock Curtains come in a wide selection of colors, thicknesses and properties and can be customized to virtually any size or shape. We offer a variety of exclusive mounting systems that are engineered for easy installation and maximum performance.

Strip System

Consisting of overlapping individual 6” to 48” strips, an AirBlock strip system is an ideal solution for dividing cleanrooms, enclosing portable frame systems, conveyor openings or doorways where easy access is required. Individual strips are designed to hang straight and maintain their overlaps. Optional alternating clear and frosted non-stick design prevents gaps which can lead to air loss.

Solid Softwalls

Solid softwalls are constructed from 48” wide sheets of vinyl that are RF welded to form solid walls. RF welded seals provide a permanent bond that is cleaner and stronger than sewing. AirBlock solid walls are especially suitable for enclosing portable frame systems or improving laminar flow areas above workspaces. They can also be used to further divide existing cleanrooms to create cleaner inner zones.

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