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Social Distancing Consoles


The pandemic has pushed for even more rapid adaptation to ensure these spaces remain operational and safe during times of crisis.

Because it can be difficult to properly adhere to social distancing measures in the collaborative environment of an operations center, partitions are an effective solution to ensure operator health and safety while allowing critical operations to proceed.

Creating a physical barrier between operator workstations allows critical work to continue while also practicing social distancing. In addition to serving as a visual reminder of social distancing, they also offer protection from airborne particles that can be spread by coughing, sneezing, and talking.

Operator console partitions for both pre-existing installations and new installations moving forward. We will work with you to tailor the addition of these partitions to your unique operations center so that comfort, performance, and safety are all optimized. These partitions comply with the recommended OSHA and CDC guidelines for engineering controls for installing physical barriers between individuals. 

Now more than ever, we want to ensure your critical operations can continue without jeopardizing the health of your operators.

For assistance on your Console Project call Michelle Koss at Mainline Computer Products: (740)-666-5010 or E-mail: Special GSA terms are available to our government customers. 

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