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Liebert PDX and Liebert PCW compact, perimeter cooling solutions offer the highest efficiency, protection, and capacity per footprint for small and medium IT spaces. Designed with unparalleled expertise, these products are part of our Thermal Management solutions that are intelligent, self-optimizing, and rapidly deployable to make your data center as dynamic as your business.

These solutions are ideally suited for:

• Small and Medium IT Spaces
• Telecommunications switching offices
• Industrial process control
• Laboratories and medical imaging suites

Both systems offer:

• Industry’s most compact footprint
• Industry’s highest capacity per footprint
• Liebert iCOM thermal system control for higher efficiency
• Variable Speed EC Fans
• Hydrophilic Slab Coil
• DX – R410A, Scroll and Digital Scroll

Options include:
• Air Cooled (using the Liebert MC™ Condenser); Water Glycol; Dual Cool; Chilled Water
• Upflow, Downflow for raised floor, Downflow for front and side discharge
• Infrared and steam gen humidifiers
• Electric reheat
• All 60 Hz voltages including 575V

Liebert iCOM-S™ thermal system control is available for optimizing the performance of multiple cooling units and providing access to operational data, system diagnostics and trending. Also available is the Liebert Intellislot™ Unity card for communication to building management and other monitoring systems.

Compact, perimeter systems are available as DX and Chilled Water solutions, with downflow and upflow configurations in the following capacities:

DX Configuration
• Liebert PDX Downflow: 18kW, 23kW, 29kW capacities (5, 6.5, 8 Tons respectively)
• Liebert PDX Upflow: 18kW, 23kW, 29kW capacities (5, 6.5, 8 Tons respectively)

Chilled Water Configuration
• Liebert PCW Downflow: 17kW, 29kW capacities (5, 8 Tons respectively)
• Liebert PCW Upflow: 17kW, 29kW capacities (5, 8 Tons respectively)

Cooling Configurator:

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