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Vertiv™ VRC Rack Cooling


Plug-and-Play Cooling Solution for Small IT Spaces and Edge Applications !

The Vertiv™ VRC rack cooling system is designed specifically for fast, easy installation in small server rooms, network closets, and edge computing spaces. This self-contained IT rack unit saves valuable floor space and provides up to 3,500 watts of cooling to critical equipment. Additionally, its variable speed components ensure high efficiency and scalable capacity.

  • Self-contained, rack-mounted system offers flexibility that is ideal for smaller IT spaces
  • Easy-to-handle cooling unit weighing less than 150 pounds
  • Easy-to-install system with plug-and-play installation and simple heat rejection duct kit
  • Highly efficient unit with scalable capacity due to variable speed components
  • Use of Modbus-RTU protocol enables connection to building management system and plug-in SNMP supports remote monitoring

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