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AirGuard (Floor Grommets)


Data centers require large amounts of cool air to maintain optimal temperature to keep servers functioning properly. Cool air migration or leakage through cable openings in data center floors bypassing servers can lead to a drastic inefficient use of cool air and wasted energy dollars.   
Research on the effectiveness of brushed grommets in reducing bypass airflow within raised floor data centers found that Air-Guard brushed grommets reduced bypass airflow by over 97%.  
With the installation of Air-Guard brush grommets, an immediate energy savings benefit is realized. These products significantly minimize cool air loss, while improving static air pressure to cool data center equipment, helping to prevent expensive electrical equipment from overheating. 
Air-Guard floor grommets are a simple inexpensive solution to promote more efficient cooling of your data center.  
With Air-Guard floor grommets you get:
  • A choice of three different types of grommets; brushrubber gasket or a hybrid version that incorporates both technologies.
  • A reduction in airflow bypass resulting in less air loss and improved static pressure.
  • Increased cooling capacity, less energy wasted and an overall cost savings.  
  • Reduced debris and contaminants entering the underfloor airspace.  
  • Extended life of cooling equipment.  
  • A product constructed with flame retardant ABS polycarbonate material.
  • UL 94 VO rated product based on the test for flammability of plastic materials.  
  • A product that meets NFPA 75 and NEC 645.5 standards for information technology equipment.
  • A U.S. Department of Energy recommended data center best practice.  
  • RoHS compliant.  

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