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Our benching systems offer sizable work areas without the sprawl of individual desks. Versatile and made to last, our benches are specially designed to accommodate computer and IT equipment, with built-in, easily accessible cable connections and optional CPU storage. As with all of our products, our benching systems help you achieve maximum productivity and utilization of space, while allowing for future expansion and updating. 

The mobile workforce 

Office Benching Systems provides the ideal environment for your mobile workforce when they visit the office. 

Mobile works typically spend less than 60% of their time in their offices. That could mean one seat for every two people and depending on your specific environment, maybe one to three or four. Do you really want to pay for the real estate taken up by empty cubicles, spaces, hallways and walls. The open office, filled with our Technical Benching Solution, gives you the ideal work environment for your mobile workforce. 

For assistance on your Console Project call Mainline Computer Products toll free at: (800)-686-5312 or E-mail: Special GSA terms are available to our government customers. 

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