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Vertiv™ Battery Replacement

UPS & Battery Services

Unplanned Downtime Affects Every Aspect of Business

Services to keep your operation running, even when your AC power fails.

A disruption in your critical power system becomes catastrophic if the DC Power  doesn’t perform the way you expect it to. Vertiv leverages years of experience, along with decades of UPS and battery performance data, to ensure total power system availability while providing the insight into asset health and operating trends required to effectively optimize infrastructure performance.

Vertiv’s battery maintenance, replacement and upgrade programs are carried out by expert, certified Customer Engineers and adhere to IEEE Standards as well as OEM specifications and requirements. 

Customer Engineers inspect batteries for:

  • Loose connections
  • Corrosion
  • Leaking or cracked cells
  • Swelling
  • High temperature
  • Potential load loss

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