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Vertiv SmartRow DCX™


SmartRow DCX™ provides a complete data center in a row in just weeks, not months. It combines four to fourteen tracks with data center grade thermal management, UPSs, power management, monitoring and control technologies, and cable management all in an enclosed room neutral system. With multiple ways to configure for future expansion, power, and cooling redundancy levels and emergency ventilation – it’s a flexible solution to meet today’s needs while being prepared for the unknown of tomorrow.

• Easily selectable complete row based data center.
• Standardized design following best practices.
• Easily repeated at multiple, distributed sites
• Rapid deployment in weeks, not months.
• Simple modular expansion.
• Avoids costly room renovations

The Smart Row DCX™ platform intelligently leverages Vertiv’s existing technologies and capabilities to offer a pre-engineered solution that outperforms and delivers more value to customers than individually. The platform leverages the DCE rack, MPH2 rack-PDU, MB power distribution, APM UPS, and CRV cooling technology as the foundation to its pre-defined modules. The core row based equipment requires factory modifications to accommodate the Expansion Channels, ensure proper functionality and thermal stability. As a result, retrofitting existing equipment in the field is not possible.

Cost to Deploy and Operate
• Reduce required room modifications to support IT
• Reduce engineering services, permitting, construction and installation costs
• Reduce real estate cost by minimizing the footprint required for equipment supporting IT
• High-efficiency cooling architecture reduces energy costs.

Time to Deploy
• Reduce time required for design and permitting.
• Reduce time for implementation of room modifi cations.
• Reduce time for equipment selection, confi guration and installation.

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