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Liebert® PSI5 Lithium-Ion UPS


Vertiv™ Liebert® PSI5 Lithium-Ion UPS

1,500 - 3,000VA

Lithium-ion is a giant leap forward in UPS battery technology and the Liebert® PSI5 Lithium-Ion line interactive UPS is at the top of the class. It delivers up to 50% lower total cost of ownership vs. comparable VRLA battery models, in a smaller, lighter package. The Liebert® PSI5 UPS offers faster recharge times, up to 10x more charge/discharge cycles, and can operate at higher temperatures with no degradation in performance. And it comes with a 5-year warranty, making it a worry-free option.

  • Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) provide lower total cost of ownership than comparable VRLA UPSs
  • Fewer battery replacements – LIB last about twice as long as VRLA batteries, or longer
  • 5-year advanced replacement no-hassle warranty
  • Longer Runtime – up to 9min at full-load
  • Remote Management capability and Free Power Management Software via optional networking cards
  • Quicker recharge times – the LIB in the Liebert® PSI5 UPS charge to 100% in 3hrs or less
  • 10x More Discharge Cycles – LIB can endure up to 10x more discharge/charge cycles than VRLA batteries
Better Power Density – LIB provide more power in smaller spaces than VRLA batteries. 

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