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9-1-1/Emergency Operations


Mainline Computer 9-1-1/Emergency Operations

For the mission critical environment, Mainline Consoles offers sit/stand capability, intelligent equipment, power and cable management, and 21st century looks. Its ultra-lightweight components allow for rapid installation and reconfiguration. 

Free Design & Consulting Services 

Desktop equipment, including monitors, rise with the work surface. A unique cable management system below the work surface conceals cabling, protects hardware, and provides a clean appearance. All the bells and whistles are available, including environmental controls. 

Our Console Designs are suited for the following applications: 
• Police, Fire, Safety & Homeland Security 
• Communications or Display Systems 
• CCTV Surveillance System 
• Military "War Room: Operations 
• Video Teleconferencing 
• Call Center 
• Network Operations Center 

For assistance on your project call Mainline Computer Products toll free at: (800)-686-5312 or E-mail: 

Special GSA terms are available to our government customers. 

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