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IT Equipment Lifters


Lift heavy Servers, UPS Equipment and other IT Equipment in your Data Center.

The Lift-4 is a Lifter/Transporter hand truck that can transport and lift up to 350 pounds. Ideal to move IT related equipment in Computer Rooms or Data Centers. The steel framed platform measures 18 inches wide by 18 inches long and can be extended 10 inches with the turn of a screw. The platform comes with adjustable work blocks for maximum flexibility.

The Lift-4 is available in three models, 480, 600 and 720 , are powered electronically by a controlled screw drive column which lifts objects from 3½ inches up to 72 inches. Power is provided by a 12 volt DC, 15 amp-hour rechargeable ACM batteries. The battery can be recharged through any common 110 Volt AC outlet – adapter included with every Lift-4 Model. The rear wheels have locking disc brakes which allow you to secure the unit into place while loading and unloading material. The unit’s ability to safely fold allows for easy transportation via a car or delivery truck.

• Raise and lower IT Equipment for installation or removal from racks or tables
• Move equipment through aisles and lift heavy items for mounting in racks
• Assist workers with repetitive lifting and/or heavy payloads
• Get tool boxes and materials directly to work area and serve as work bench - ideal for customer engineer departments
• Lift Form Boxes for loading into printers
• Organize items on racking into delivery trucks
• Move tapes for off-site storage
• And much, much more

• Folds for easy storage and shipping
• Shippable via UPS - quick, easy and economical ( Lift-4.480)
• Conserves valuable storage space

• Hand Held Remote Control
• Four (4) platform mounting blocks
• Platform vice knobs
• 12V Recharging adapter
• Mounting tube

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