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Liebert® CRV, 10-40kW

Efficiency Without Compromise provides a path to optimize data center infrastructure around design, operating and management efficiencies - while maintaining or improving availability.

Row cooling designed for small and medium data centers.


The Liebert CRV series is a row based precision cooling, providing temperature and humidity control to the data centers. It integrates within the row of server racks, providing cooling close to the heat that generated from the servers. It is equipped with modulating capacity scroll compressors, operating in environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, allowing the Liebert CRV to operate between 30% and 100%, which closely adapting to the dynamic change of the heat load, providing high reliability and optimize system efficiency.

The horizontal supply airflow arrangement is suitable for both raised floor and non-raised floor setup, along with air baffles, it channels the cold air to the desired server racks.

Liebert CRV series comprises of various models, ranging from air-cooled, water-cooled to chilled water, from 300mm to 600mm width, and from basic to premium configurations, addressing your unique business needs.​